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About us

ECM is a dynamic and innovating company of furniture manufacturing and installation in Morocco. It has managed to exalt itself thanks to the quality of its products and to the competitiveness of its prices. If ECM has been able to impose itself, as the leader in its field, it is because its policy for production and marketing allows it to remain ahead of its competitors.
In fact, ECM owns a modern factory in “Bouskoura” and several other points of sale in Morocco. After ten years of existence, it has built a solid reputation as a company engaged in the satisfaction of its customers.
The company’s place in the national market, and its hopes to conquer market shares internationally, is also the result of the fruitful commitment to innovation. ECM, indeed, sets aside 30% of its profits to the development of its production capacity and the establishment of practical and innovative solutions in terms of quality and design. What’s more, ECM has its own special team qualifying the company to achieve its objectives.